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My name is Wanda Vang. I am a mother to 2 beautiful boys, and is married to a wonderful husband! I love taking pictures! I believe a picture is worth a million words! Pictures can express more than words. I take pictures daily! Of anything and everything. Im very creative you can say. Not too much info about me but Enjoy!

Sunday, May 30, 2010


So, It was my husband's birthday party along with his brother David's. We celebrated it in sacramento at my sister in laws house. Everyone drank and had a wonderful time. You can say Hun was drunk off his ass. But it was kool. We were talking about tattoos and what we wanted. My brother in law Victor, said he had a cousin who does tattoos and if we really really wanted them we can sleep over his place and get our tats done the following day. So drunk and tempted as we were, we stayed. The next day, Fugi came over. He was the tattoo guy. My sister in laws were afraid to get tatted so i volunteered to go first. I wanted to get my 5 stars symbolizing my 4 sisters and I. So I did. I got it on my right wrist. It didn't hurt. But like most people who has tattoos say, It's addicting.
Hun wanted to get his sleeve done. So he did. A koi fish in the water with bamboos and waves and all! It's pretty clean! Boy can I say, this was a day to remember.

Hun's tattoo after it was all done.

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My 5 Stars

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