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My name is Wanda Vang. I am a mother to 2 beautiful boys, and is married to a wonderful husband! I love taking pictures! I believe a picture is worth a million words! Pictures can express more than words. I take pictures daily! Of anything and everything. Im very creative you can say. Not too much info about me but Enjoy!

Wednesday, August 3, 2011


So I was browsing through my pictures and came across this. Pictures of my old team and of course, the mannequins we all worked on together. Makes me miss being there at the place and working with them. They are truly the best team. We were like a family, we had out ups and downs, and wrong and rights, arguments left to right, but in the end, we were always there for eachother and had eachothers backs! I MISS YOU GUYS! ALISSAH, ZOE, JAIMONICA, JOANNE, JORDAN, AND TATIANNA!

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I just wanted to post this up. as a memory that I had. We arent suppose to have out phones out, but I stil took the pictures of the mannequins. Surprisingly, the managers didnt care that we was working together that day. A DAY TO REMEMBER FOR SURE!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

While I was gone....

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I actually stole this picture from my twin alissah's album on her facebook. i never took a picture of the F21 in Yuba City. and i miss that store along with the associates! its really different in the Davis store. but i felt that i was at YC for way too long. 2 years to be exact. i love it there and thats where my heart will always be (working wise) but a girl gots ta go.

NoteToSelf-i need to visit this place very soon! SHOPPING!!!

on the other hand,

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this is where i am at today! like i said before, this store is beautiful! everything is companys directive! the environment here is totally different from the one in yuba city. but i think i like it better here. fast pace, and the days go by so quick! this place is beginning to feel like "home". i met some great people, some people i can be friends with!

i can never get enough accessories.

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the first things i bought at the Davis store. I dont even need these things but they were too cute to "not" buy. im mad with accessories. i rather shop accessories than clothes. but oh well. accessories (diamonds) are a girls best friend. my best friend for sure! =D

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my new camera! i havent took any pictures with it yet. but i will soon! im just waiting for them hot summer days out!

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my two faced palette my sister sara vang bought me for my 20th birthday! i love it so much. and i love my sissy so much! the colors on this thing is actually very natural as it says on the palette. i love the glittery one! i usually wear this when im lazy to do my makeup!

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im not sure what this palette is called. ive had it for a while now. its by urban decay. and the colors here are very pigmented! its exotic. but i love how the colors look on. my husband got me this just because! i tried it on at sephora, and got it right there and then! it was too nice to pass up!

while i was gone, i uploaded pictures to my facebook of my outfits of the days!

this was one of them.

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red/orange maxi- forever21
off white crochet cardigan- forever21
cheetah print watch- forever21
necklace- forever21

forever21 is taking over my wardrobe!

this was the day of my little sister in law Becky Yangs graduation party. 07.09.11

and another one...

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random day at work. i love these tribal print skirts. 07.13.11

black shirt-forever21
tribal skirt-forever21
white cardigan- forever21
black flats-L.O Shoes

So now that im back. i will be posting similar things. just random things i want to blog about. probably next would probably be about makeup! or maybe even new merchandise at forever 21. =D stay tune!


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So I havent been updating my blogspot lately. And I feel bad. Now Im settled (my home) and I can blog whenever now. This keeps me away from stress and gives me time to be creative. I miss them good old days when i use to scrap book. But I guess blogging is just the same but in the internet world.

Anywho, Ive been really busy working! Forever 21 is more to handle than I thought! But I love working there! Im a Visual Merchandiser, for those who dont know what that is. I basically keep up with the updates and stuff that the company puts out. It actually really fun. Stressful at times but over all. I love what I do. I change mannequins, I get to see what we have in FIRST, and best of all, I get weekends off! yee! except one Saturday a month, but that doesnt hurt. When im working, im always constantly thinking about fashion trends. It gets frustrating, but at times, i can be creative and make my own outfits. sometimes it doesnt go but when the mannequin wears it, it doesnt look bad. Im not sure if i still want to be apart of the fashion industry. but for now, its fun and i actually keep up with the trends. Catch me at Forever21 in Davis. This store is BEAUTIFUL!