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My name is Wanda Vang. I am a mother to 2 beautiful boys, and is married to a wonderful husband! I love taking pictures! I believe a picture is worth a million words! Pictures can express more than words. I take pictures daily! Of anything and everything. Im very creative you can say. Not too much info about me but Enjoy!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011


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So I havent been updating my blogspot lately. And I feel bad. Now Im settled (my home) and I can blog whenever now. This keeps me away from stress and gives me time to be creative. I miss them good old days when i use to scrap book. But I guess blogging is just the same but in the internet world.

Anywho, Ive been really busy working! Forever 21 is more to handle than I thought! But I love working there! Im a Visual Merchandiser, for those who dont know what that is. I basically keep up with the updates and stuff that the company puts out. It actually really fun. Stressful at times but over all. I love what I do. I change mannequins, I get to see what we have in FIRST, and best of all, I get weekends off! yee! except one Saturday a month, but that doesnt hurt. When im working, im always constantly thinking about fashion trends. It gets frustrating, but at times, i can be creative and make my own outfits. sometimes it doesnt go but when the mannequin wears it, it doesnt look bad. Im not sure if i still want to be apart of the fashion industry. but for now, its fun and i actually keep up with the trends. Catch me at Forever21 in Davis. This store is BEAUTIFUL!

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